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Knitting Us Closer Together
Knitting Us Closer Together
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Your Intelligent Partner Achieve Industry 4.0 With Future-Ready Machine
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The Champs of Machine Tools Industry
Taiwan Tool Component Makers The Champs of Machine Tools Industry In the machine industry of the 21st century, Taiwan plays a crucial role as the major supplier of manufacturers by providing critical components with tailor-made, specific designs. Taiwanese companies are able supply the world’s manufacturers with all necessary machinery, machine tool components, and turnkey solutions for their production lines due to one clear advantage; namely, Taiwan’s self-sufficient supply chain located in the central part of the island.
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Taiwan Smart Machinery
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From Precise to Smart
From Precise to Smart, Taiwan Smart Manufacturing in Auto Industry
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Taiwan Smart Machinery

In the era of Industry 4.0, “advanced” doesn’t just mean advanced technology, but also implies a focus on providing customer solutions that maximizes productivity. Taiwan’s machine tool manufacturers are adept at machine modification and adoption of new technologies and concepts, with an end goal of enhancing customer productivity.

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Smart Machinery Industry Overview

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Design Tomorrow

Apply smart manufacturing
capabilities to increase value-added outputs.

The purpose of smart
machinery is to upgrade
Taiwan from precision
machinery to smart
machinery and export 
the entire plant output.

Program Vision

With a firm foundation in precision machinery
and information communication technology
while applying smart technology, we aim to
create a new ecosystem in the smart
machinery industry. Leading Taiwan to become
a global smart machinery hub in R&D
manufacturing and provider for total solution.

The smart machines
program aims to leverage
Taiwan’s strengths in IT and
machine-making to gain a
larger share of the burgeoning
Industry 4.0 sector.

Apply smart manufacturing capabilities to increase value-added outputs.

Upgrade Taiwan from precision machinery to smart machinery and export the entire plant output.

Intelligent, self-learning, and communicate with other machines and human operators to transmit data in real time

Encourage manufacturers to invest in smart machinery and to obtain tax credit for Smart Machinery R&D.

Utilize digital technology and integrate and integrate software and
hardware equipment.


The Bureau of Foreign Trade has begun the “Smart Machinery Overseas Promotion Program” since 2018. Through integrated marketing activities and by matching potential clients with producers, we intend to enhance our industry image and to seek overseas business opportunities.


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